LIPI USB KEYBOARD (KEY-836) Nehru Place Dealers, Delhi, India.

Product Description 

Keyboard Features: Ergonomic Design for better utility and performance UV coated surface for better durability.

Specifications: Total no. of keys: 104.

Working Voltage: DC+5V

Working Current: DC+5V

Interface: USB

Key Life: Mode 80 million times

The keyboard of the main material: Black 475

Weight: 400G

word Key Number: 104 Pcs.

Word Key Drawing Force: >1.0kgf

Keys back to stretch: 55+ 10gf

Receiver Specifications : 

Interface: USB

Supported OS: Windows7, Windows8, Linux & Mac.

System Requirement: 

Windows10 or Later, MacOS X 10.10 or Later

Chrome OS, Android 5.0 or Later

Unifying receivers

USB Port Internet Connection.




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