Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Price Delhi i5 8gb 128GB Nehru Place in India Dealer Distributor Reseller 999-0666-334.

Surface Pro 8 for Business Price List

S.No.Item DescriptionPart CodeMRPTax Paid Total Amount
1Surface Pro 8 i3/8/128GB WIN10 Pro PLATINUM(NB)8PM-0002710449995921.66511
2Surface Pro 8 i3/8/128GB WIN11 PLATINUM(NB)8PM-0001210449995921.66511
3Surface Pro 8 i5/8/128GB WIN10 Pro PLATINUM(NB)8PP-00029113699104377.3731
4Surface Pro 8 i5/8/128GB WIN11 PLATINUM(NB)8PP-00013113699104377.3731
5Surface Pro 8 i5/8/256GB WIN10 Pro PLATINUM(NB)8PR-00045122899112832.133
6Surface Pro 8 i5/8/256GB WIN10 Pro GRAPHITE(NB)8PR-00061122899112832.133
7Surface Pro 8 i5/8/256GB WIN11 GRAPHITE(NB)8PR-00029122899112832.133
8Surface Pro 8 i5/8/256GB WIN11 PLATINUM(NB)8PR-00013122899112832.133
9Surface Pro 8 i5/16/256GB  WIN11 PLATINUM(NB)8PU-00012141399129742.6131
10Surface Pro 8 i5/16/256GB  WIN11 GRAPHITE(NB)8PU-00027141399129742.6131
11Surface Pro 8 i5/16/256GB  WIN10 Pro PLATINUM(NB)8PU-00044141399129742.6131
12Surface Pro 8 i5/16/256GB  WIN10 Pro GRAPHITE(NB)8PU-00059141399129742.6131
13Surface Pro 8 i5/8/512GB WIN10 Pro PLATINUM(NB)EBQ-00042141399129742.6131
14Surface Pro 8 i5/8/512GB WIN10 Pro GRAPHITE(NB)EBQ-00057141399129742.6131
15Surface Pro 8 i5/8/512GB WIN11 PLATINUM(NB)EBQ-00012141399129742.6131
16Surface Pro 8 i5/8/512GB WIN11 GRAPHITE(NB)EBQ-00027141399129742.6131
17Surface Pro 8 i7/16/256GB  WIN10 Pro GRAPHITE(NB)8PW-00058159799146653.081
18Surface Pro 8 i7/16/256GB  WIN11 PLATINUM(NB)8PW-00012159799146653.081
19Surface Pro 8 i7/16/256GB  WIN10 Pro PLATINUM(NB)8PW-00043159799146653.081
20Surface Pro 8 i7/16/256GB  WIN11 GRAPHITE(NB)8PW-00028159799146653.081
21Surface Pro 8 i7/16/512GB  WIN11 GRAPHITE(NB)8PY-00027187399172018.321
22Surface Pro 8 i7/16/512GB  WIN11 PLATINUM(NB)8PY-00012187399172018.321
23Surface Pro 8 i7/16/512GB  WIN10 Pro GRAPHITE(NB)8PY-00057187399172018.321
24Surface Pro 8 i7/16/512GB  WIN10 Pro PLATINUM(NB)8PY-00042187399172018.321
25Surface Pro 8 i7/16/1TB WIN10 Pro PLATINUM(NB)EED-00027214999197384.509
26Surface Pro 8 i7/16/1TB WIN11 PLATINUM(NB)EED-00012214999197384.509
27Surface Pro 8 i7/32/1TB WIN11 PLATINUM(NB)EFI-00012251899231204.5089
28Surface Pro 8 i7/32/1TB WIN10 Pro PLATINUM(NB)EFI-00027251899231204.5089
29Surface Pro 8 i5/8/128GB WIN11 PLATINUM LTE(NB)EHL-00013127599117107.971
30Surface Pro 8 i5/8/128GB WIN10 Pro PLATINUM LTE(NB)EHL-00029127599117107.971
31Surface Pro 8 i5/8/256GB WIN11 PLATINUM LTE(NB)EIG-00013136799125563.6789
32Surface Pro 8 i5/8/256GB WIN10 Pro PLATINUM LTE(NB)EIG-00029136799125563.6789
33Surface Pro 8 i5/16/256GB  WIN11 PLATINUM LTE(NB)EIN-00013155199142474.159
34Surface Pro 8 i5/16/256GB  WIN10 Pro PLATINUM LTE(NB)EIN-00029155199142474.159
35Surface Pro 8 i7/16/256GB  WIN11 PLATINUM LTE(NB)EIV-00013173599159384.6269
36Surface Pro 8 i7/16/256GB  WIN10 Pro PLATINUM LTE(NB)EIV-00029173599159384.6269
37Srfc ProX Sig KB/SlimP-Concrete26B-000752299919093.54224
38Srfc ProX Sig KB/SlimP-Black26B-000152299919093.54224
41MS Surface pro pen (N) SilverEYV-0001383997500.08


Additional information


Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7


16GB, 32GB DDR 4, 8GB


1 TB, 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB




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